This step-by-step, simple-to-use app will dramatically improve your answers to tough job interview questions within minutes. Watch as you’re asked a tough job interview question and video yourself answering the question (no one sees the video but you). Then see job interview coach Peggy McKee talk about how she would answer that question, walking you through her thought process so you can quickly understand what a standout answer looks and sounds like. When you compare your own answer to hers, you will instantly see how you can improve your own answer.

Job Interview Question Sets

The Question Sets screen lets you choose which set of questions you’d like to practice:

  • Get to Know You Introduction Questions
  • Past Performance Questions
  • Can They See You In this Job? Questions
  • Your Salary and Your Future With the Company Questions
Job Interview Question List

The Question List shows you the 5 individual questions within the Question Set you’ve chosen. Simply choose which question you’d like to practice.

Job Interview Question List

Within each Individual Question, you can…

Listen to the question…

Record your answer…

And see Peggy’s answer—just tap and go.

Listen to Peggy’s Job Interview Question

When you listen to the question, you’ll see a video of Peggy McKee asking you the question you’ve chosen. Record your answer right on your phone or iPad, and play it back for yourself. When you’re ready, tap “See Peggy’s answer.”

Watch Peggy’s Job Interview Answer

Instantly see a 1-2 minute video of Peggy McKee explaining what hiring managers really want to hear in your answer. She walks you through the steps of answering that question and offers phrasing, wording, and strategy you can easily apply to your own situation.

Practice your Job Interview Answer

You can watch any question you like as many times as you like…use this app to coach yourself and practice your questions. You can even practice on the way to your interview!


quoteleftLast month I downloaded your app on my iPad because I was going on my first interview since November 2011. I’ve been out of the workforce for the last year, by choice, but still I was feeling nervous about what to say in my interview. I know things change in the professional world when you’re not in it and I didn’t know what to expect. So thanks to your practice questions I nailed my interview!! And I got a job at the Walt Disney World Resort!! Keep up the great work Peggy, you are amazing at what you do and you gave me the knowledge and confidence to receive an offer from a place I’ve always wanted to work!

Best regards!

Shawne Dunn quoteright

quoteleftI downloaded your app for giggles thinking that more than likely there was nothing you could say that i didnt know, Mr. know it all here… I went through and did all the question checked your answer boy was i wrong. I reevaluated my answer and thought long and hard about some came out with what I thought were straight from the heart answers. At my interview the hiring manager start to ask me questions and I chuckled a little in my head because the question that were asked were the same ones you had posted even in the same order. He happen to offer me job right on the spot and i wanted to say thank you ma’am so very much for your wisdom. May God bless you with much more

Jey quoteright

quoteleftThe video helps with tone, inflection, and other verbal aspects you don’t get in text format.

Dennis R. quoteright

quoteleftI wanted more!! I answered the question similar to what you recommended but it lack the depth needed I really like your program you are looking at the real world. I would love to be able to get it and use and gift it to my son for graduation but I am unemployed so I live on the fringe of your knowledge but none the less get what I can out of it.

Terry L. quoteright

quoteleftIt’s like a rehearsal before the actual interview

Scott A. quoteright

quoteleftI think it is helpful in ‘forcing’ potential interviewees to answer in the best way they can on the spot and then get immediate feedback from your website. Practice makes perfect- if possible… helps calm the nerves.

Lucy J. quoteright

quoteleftIf you do not know what the hiring manager is thinking, you may say the wrong thing and you only have one shot at this!

Peter M. quoteright

quoteleftGood preparation for the actual interview.

Kurt O. quoteright

quoteleftExcellent feedback. Nice professional responses to interview questions.

Susan F. quoteright

quoteleftAbsolutely, I would recommend this!! Every bit helps when you are getting ready for an interview.. I have watched so many of your podcast, i have attended your webinar and you are incredible, intellectual and articulate at what you do!! i really appreciate that i have went back into the job market and there is a wonderful company that i have been applied to and now that i have watched your videos i feel so much more prepared!! In saying that i really appreciate your time .. It is so helpful and now i am trying to come up with a 30/60/90 day plan for the position i’m applying for!! Thank you again for all your help it makes much of a difference.

Kevin S. quoteright

quoteleftIt’s probably not the best way to train but good it’s a great way to stay “”fresh”".

Carol M. quoteright



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