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Monthly Archives: June 2013

How to Answer Interview Questions About Going Against Corporate Directives


1715 days ago

Have you ever been asked to describe a time you went against corporate directives? Or bucked the system, went against the company, or violated company policy? This is not a typical job interview question, but this has been asked in … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About Past Heavy Workloads


1716 days ago

Interviewers like to ask behavioral-style interview questions like, “Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.” They know that past behavior predicts future behavior, and they want to see how you reacted to a difficult … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About the Future You


1717 days ago

“If we hire you, what will we know about you a year from now?” Don’t all hiring managers wish they had a crystal ball to tell them whether or not you’ll be a good hire? Maybe that’s the wish behind … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About What You Could Have Done Differently


1718 days ago

Is there a mistake you made in one of your past jobs that, looking back on it, you could have handled differently–and gotten a better outcome? When employers ask this kind of job interview question, they want to know that … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About What You Will Contribute to the Company


1719 days ago

In a job interview, an interview might very well ask you “What will you contribute to this job?” It’s another version of “Why should we hire you?” This can be a make-or-break moment in your interview. A strong answer will … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About Why You Were Not Promoted


1720 days ago

Have you been in your job for a long time? Have you made lateral moves? Your job interviewer might ask why you haven’t been promoted. Not being promoted is not always a bad thing…there could be a lot of reasons … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – How to Research the Interviewer


1721 days ago

Did you know it’s just as important to do your research before the phone interview as it is before the face-to-face interview? If you gather information before the interview gets started, you can have a much better conversation and increase … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips: Practice Makes Perfect


1722 days ago

What’s one very easy tip that anyone can do to make sure you have a great phone interview? Practice! In the video below, I’ll tell you more about how to practice answering phone interview questions and why it’s so important … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – Which Phone Should You Use?


1723 days ago

How can you make the best impression in a phone interview? One way is by choosing the phone that gives you the best connection, eliminating any “Can you hear me?” problems. Watch the video below and I’ll give you some … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – What Are Your Goals and How Do You Achieve Them?


1724 days ago

Do you know what your phone interview goals are? It’s not just to answer their questions and hope they like you. You do have a goal, and you do have to know the best way to hit it. In the … Continue reading