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How to Answer the Interview Question “What Would Your Friends Say About You?”

Posted 1851 days ago by Job Interview Coach

Those pesky interviewers are always trying to get you to let down your guard and tell them things about yourself you wouldn’t normally plan to say in a job interview.  It’s understandable, of course–hiring you is a risk for them.  They want to find out as much as they can before they make the leap with you.  They need to know not just what you can do, but what kind of person you are.  A great way to find out is to ask you what your friends would say about you.

A key tip here is to never talk about things that don’t relate to the job.  Every job interview answer is another chance to sell yourself for the job…to reinforce the idea that you would be a great fit.  Even with questions that seem non-job-related like this one, you can make your answer count.

In the video below, I will give you some suggestions for great ways to answer the interview question, “What would your friends say about you?” Click on the video to watch.

Now, read the blog post where I talk about this in much greater detail:  How to Answer Interview Questions – Q82.  It’s part of our 101- question-and-answer blog series, How to Answer Interview Questions.

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