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quoteleftLast month I downloaded your app on my iPad because I was going on my first interview since November 2011. I’ve been out of the workforce for the last year, by choice, but still I was feeling nervous about what to say in my interview. I know things change in the professional world when you’re not in it and I didn’t know what to expect. So thanks to your practice questions I nailed my interview!! And I got a job at the Walt Disney World Resort!! Keep up the great work Peggy, you are amazing at what you do and you gave me the knowledge and confidence to receive an offer from a place I’ve always wanted to work!

Best regards!

Shawne Dunn quoteright

quoteleftI downloaded your app for giggles thinking that more than likely there was nothing you could say that i didnt know, Mr. know it all here… I went through and did all the question checked your answer boy was i wrong. I reevaluated my answer and thought long and hard about some came out with what I thought were straight from the heart answers. At my interview the hiring manager start to ask me questions and I chuckled a little in my head because the question that were asked were the same ones you had posted even in the same order. He happen to offer me job right on the spot and i wanted to say thank you ma’am so very much for your wisdom. May God bless you with much more

Jey quoteright

quoteleftThe video helps with tone, inflection, and other verbal aspects you don’t get in text format.

Dennis R. quoteright

quoteleftI wanted more!! I answered the question similar to what you recommended but it lack the depth needed I really like your program you are looking at the real world. I would love to be able to get it and use and gift it to my son for graduation but I am unemployed so I live on the fringe of your knowledge but none the less get what I can out of it.

Terry L. quoteright

quoteleftIt’s like a rehearsal before the actual interview

Scott A. quoteright

quoteleftI think it is helpful in ‘forcing’ potential interviewees to answer in the best way they can on the spot and then get immediate feedback from your website. Practice makes perfect- if possible… helps calm the nerves.

Lucy J. quoteright

quoteleftIf you do not know what the hiring manager is thinking, you may say the wrong thing and you only have one shot at this!

Peter M. quoteright

quoteleftGood preparation for the actual interview.

Kurt O. quoteright

quoteleftExcellent feedback. Nice professional responses to interview questions.

Susan F. quoteright

quoteleftAbsolutely, I would recommend this!! Every bit helps when you are getting ready for an interview.. I have watched so many of your podcast, i have attended your webinar and you are incredible, intellectual and articulate at what you do!! i really appreciate that i have went back into the job market and there is a wonderful company that i have been applied to and now that i have watched your videos i feel so much more prepared!! In saying that i really appreciate your time .. It is so helpful and now i am trying to come up with a 30/60/90 day plan for the position i’m applying for!! Thank you again for all your help it makes much of a difference.

Kevin S. quoteright

quoteleftIt’s probably not the best way to train but good it’s a great way to stay “”fresh”".

Carol M. quoteright

quoteleftIt provides the candidates better skills to deal with the interview.

John A. quoteright

quoteleftIt was fast and easy. I don’t have time for lengthy training right now.

Norman L. quoteright

quoteleftI did several last year and was critiqued on them and it was very informative for me to understand what I was doing that was spectacular and where I needed improvement. It helped me tremendously. I had panel mock interviews and one on one interviews.

Charles J. quoteright

quoteleftIt puts people in the situation and requires they think of how to respond

Sanford P. quoteright

quoteleftIt extremely useful specially when getting short listed, one can prepare themselves.

Rosemary C. quoteright

quoteleftI think it is very useful, it just brushes you up

Lynn D. quoteright

quoteleftPractice makes perfect. Interviewers want concise answers and someone with better training and preparation will get better ratings on the forms HR makes interviewers fill out.

Clifford H. quoteright

quoteleftIt helps to build confidence when you know how to answer a question properly.

Harold A. quoteright

quoteleftSome times some questions have no right or wrong answers but they are tricky to handle according to current situation. SO i think its a good idea to understand those situations and different ideas from professionals.

Frank N. quoteright

quoteleftYes I try to do this with my friends.

Julie G. quoteright

quoteleftNot the best as it is not ‘real life’….but helpful for ensuring that thought process on track for the real situation….

Maxine J. quoteright

quoteleftAlready the first question has made me refine what I need to say.

Thomas P. quoteright

quoteleftBecause I believe most people need to gain valuable experience for interviews, and this is difficult since most university students are not exposed to many in their uni life.

Christian J. quoteright

quoteleftHelps applicants to prepare better; just so long as it doesn’t lead to fudging or misleading responses that lead to disappointment in the “”getting to know you”" period when the applicant is not as good as they made out to be during the interview – that’s a huge waste for everyone involved, including the applicant who is likely to get bad feedback follow their future career aspirations.

Mark T. quoteright

quoteleftIt is so important to practice and this training is just what’s needed.

Patrick R. quoteright

quoteleftThe best way to really practice is to say your answers out loud and see your responses!

Joan B. quoteright

quoteleftcommitting to an answer then hearing a different view of the question broadens one’s thinking

Richard J. quoteright

quoteleftOne way it helps to somehow simulate the situation. Also, it helps to organize your thoughts and be more confident.

Stephen G. quoteright

quoteleftYes, it definitely makes people think what they are losing in their present job and what they are capable of doing.

Gordon C. quoteright

quotelefti would like to be challenged like this in a safe practice environment.

Alfred J. quoteright

quoteleftIt gives me some ideas on how to answer those questions employers ask. Very helpful. Thank you. I am looking forward for more mock interview questions.

Scott C. quoteright

quoteleftWhen I don’t have an interview scheduled for the week, the Mock Interview question keeps me in a good frame of mind for the next interview.

Frank N. quoteright

quoteleftI think it is one of many ways to help prepare myself, including watching video’s of self and others’ good and bad interviews

Joseph B. quoteright

quoteleftYes, this is very helpful and informative!

Lynn D. quoteright

quoteleftAnyone should always go prepared for any interview and mock interviews are very good tools to help preparing and practicing.

James P. quoteright

quoteleftIt prepares me for future interviews which I absolutely need.

Roger J. quoteright

quoteleftYes, but if we don’t get any specific feedback re: the responses provided, then it really doesn’t add as much value. Secondly, when in an interview, you really don’t have all day to provide a response, so you ought to inform those taking such mock training that they need to write a response within 1-2 minutes. You don’t have all day to think it out and perfect your response. Finally, I wondered about offering a “”follow-up mock training”" to the same question(s) — do candidates get better?

Patricia D. quoteright

quoteleftI love that you gave the viewer a chance to figure out a response, and then tell us the best way. That way we can see our mistakes (rather than hearing your advice all at once and say, “”Oh yeah, that’s how I would have answered!”

Paula M. quoteright

quoteleftTo be truthful with you Peggy…I find you to be a GREAT presenter (something I am sure you have been told over and over again….or else you would not have created this terrific website to help others!). I find your use of examples in the videos quite helpful….REAL world questions….I LIKE THAT!!!

Linda J. quoteright

quoteleftYes. Peggy’s suggestions showed me that the way I approached my answer did not focus specifically enough on what was needed, i.e. demonstrating that I was a good match for the vacancy.

Frank R. quoteright

quoteleftLearned a new way of answering opening interview question. Company is not really interested in “”your”" career, but what you can do for them.

Thomas C. quoteright

quoteleftI had the same job for 12 years and had not been on an interview in that length of time. Job interviews are very different now and much more competitive. I was thinking about how working for a company would effect me rather than what effect I would have on the company. It made me see things a different way.

Robert J. quoteright

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